We really appreciate Autism Radio's assistance with Sean's music therapy.

Dear Autism Radio,

I cannot express how thankful we are for your organization.  My husband and I struggle constantly to give our son, Sean, who is eight years old and has autism, the therapies that he needs.  It's usually a mix-match of what we can afford at any specific time.  We have found over the past year that the most important therapy for him is music therapy.  Sean has been seeing Erika, from Music Therapy Services of New Jersey, and we have seen such amazing progress under her guidance!  About three years ago, we were told Sean would probably just be one of those kids who never spoke.  Today, Sean is communicating with several hundred words ... even in small simple sentences at times!   Music therapy has allowed Sean to capitalize on his love of music and singing ... there are some songs that he sings by himself and we can clearly understand everything he is saying.  It's also truly amazing to see the work that Erika does with Sean transfer over to his everyday speech.  I am writing this letter to say thank you and to tell you how much we really appreciate Autism Radio's assistance with Sean's music therapy. It's because of the work Autism Radio does that we can continue to look forward to all that our son will accomplish.


With sincere thanks and appreciation ...



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