Thank you from the entire family at Park Lake School.

iPads have changed the world of education and opened the door to communication for kids wit autism of all ages. Park Lake School has been using iPads for communication, daily activities, and rewards. Last year we took another step towards improving how we educate our children by using iPads to video lessons and activities. Now iPads have become an essential training tool for educators’ to help promote the success of both the students and the classroom teacher. On a daily basis you can observe lessons being videoed on an iPad and the simple details caught on video are used to improve a lesson. The video shows both students improvement and how to a teacher has been able to modify a lesson or activity to help the special needs of the individual child. Autism Radio’s kind donation of four brand new iPads will be used on a daily basis and will promote the success of all our students and staff. A big thank you from the entire family at Park Lake School.  

Sandee Garrett

Special Education Teacher

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