Letters about our blogger Lynne Glucoft

Subject: Thank You

Hello Lynne,

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me a few weeks ago regarding the "autism journey."  You were extremely helpful.  Your positive attitude will take you and your son a long way.

I hope you and your family are well.  Please stay in touch.

Best Regards,

Lisa F.


To Whom It May Concern:

             I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Lynne Glucoft.  Lynne and I first met many years ago at The Mahwah Writer's Group, a weekly peer review workshop whose participants read and critiqued each other's work.  I had the pleasure of reading multiple magazine articles that Lynne had written and published on the subject of parenting children with autism and special needs.  Her articles were articulate and illuminating, but also spoke from the heart, with first-hand accounts of both the joys and difficulties involved. She connected to all her readers, including those who did not share the same parental challenges.         

             More recently, while working in the Ramsey Free Public Library, I attended an educational  seminar hosted by Lynne.  The event was attended by dozens of Children's Librarians and Assistant Librarians from around the county. Lynne addressed the group about strategies involved in modifying children's programming to include those with special needs.  Again, she engaged her audience through a comprehensive program including audio visual aids, her breadth of knowledge and first-hand experience, and an ease with both presenting and fielding questions.  

             I believe that Lynne will be an asset to any educational, informational or advocacy program as an excellent speaker and a writer who has a deep emotional connection in her field.   Please feel free to contact me at any time.  


Barbara Puccia


Comments from her Facebook blog:


7/6 -My four year old (almost 5) son Samuel is autistic and I am learning more from your blogs than from the doctors it seems. For example Had no idea about teething issues so that is great to know when it comes time and he can’t tell me. Thank you for all this valuable info. How do I find your other blogs that you were speaking of.

7/13 -I just wanna say that your post have made me feel 100percent better. I have so many days with post silimer to yours. I have one boy with Autism and One Girl with Autism and each and every day I struggled with the same things you do with your own Son.

7/15 -I just wanted to thank you for your courage.God bless:)

7/19 -You are never alone when you blog . BUT you are a blessing for all of us out here who feel alone . THANKS!!


8/1 -YEAH! YEAH! and YEAH! I am SOOO delighted to hear all of this great news Lynne. You're an awesome mom!

8/15 - what a great thing...wow..what a milestone..good work

8/16 - My oldest son is autistic also and I can totally relate to your story/situation. He is able to potty by himself now but OH HOW I remember him learning. I appreciate you sharing your story/experiences as I can relate to what you are going through....having a special needs child is difficult at times, but SO rewarding when they overcome their struggles!! Blessings to you and your family - God Bless :)

8/20  - Every post I read I am in Awe. God Bless you and your family

8/20 – different reader –“A very rough night for you guys! I just read all your posts. Hope tomorrow (or the rest of TODAY) goes much better!”

8/24 -You are an awesome Mom!!!

8/31 - I appreciate you sharing your experiences with your son. My oldest son is autistic and even though he is high functioning there are still many difficulties / struggles we encounter. When he was small I used a vitamin from Shaklee that had pro and prebiotics in it. It was great because it was a powder (with no taste) that I could put in his drink. I now use a multi vitamin and boy can you tell if I forget to give it to him during the day. I didn't do the gluten free either. It was too much trouble and when I did try it for a short while I didnt see any results. I totally agree with you in you

8/31 -Thanks for the names and loads of information! I never thought of teachers/aides! Who could be better then people our children already know?!!! We just started a suggestion the therapist has mentioned several times, get a puppy! It is a bit of extra work but we have only had the puppy 2 weeks and already I see a great bond! The puppy is very in-tune to my son!!! We have had several melt downs, that would've been long events, turn into a 15-20 min thing! It is cool!!!! My son starts to cry and the puppy stops dead in his tracks! THe puppy was in the crate for one melt down and the puppy cried louder then my son till I opened the crate door. The puppy licks him intensely when he cries! Believe me, I didn't teach this dog to do this!!! He is not a paws for cause dog either! I think the pressure and stimulation of being licked is very calming and distracting! In the past 2 weeks our longest melt down was 20 min!!!! The puppy doesn't stop or get distracted, which is amazing because the puppy even gets side tracked while eating his food! The next thing I know the tears turn into sounds of joy and playing with his baby!!! The puppy is constantly biting at my toes, he did it one time to my son! He had an intense reaction and now he comes to me or my husband when he is in the biting mood!! Amazing is all I can say.

9/6 -Sorry- I know Jamie and Lees my buddy and I'm his barber and friend. Was also a hands-on Dad. BTDT. Was justing making a joke or poke. Everything will come together. You don't see 12yr old out there with pamps.lol Each of us walks the path of life at a different pace- but all are getting closer with each step. Prayers & patience for you good mother. Blessings to you both.

9/11 - I'm so happy everything is going great with Mike and I'm very happy for you to be able to get the word out there. You go girl!!!!

9/12 -Your a Strong one..May God bless you...

9/4 - I taught children who have autism for years, and I love every single child I have ever met:) I also have a child with special needs. I want to tell you how amazing you are for being such an incredible mother, and it sounds as if you have a wonderful husband as well!! I also just wanted to tell you that my child had an adverse reaction in that it caused anxiety:( I also cannot take Melatonin because it causes me to have "restless legs". So, even though it is a natural substance, it may not cause a calm, peaceful feeling. I wish you and your family much success and happiness:)

9/4 –(different reader) - Big day tomorrow! I remind myself, deep breathing and any info you can have for his teachers is better then nothing. Honestly I'm sure you could write a novel! I sure know I could! Let's pray the structure will be a good thing! Keep up the good work! I am praying he sleeps great tonight!


9/3 - feel free to mess.me, i got to volenteer for pre-school autistic kids for a no. of years..we all are so different,& yet have many the same needs ..hugs..linda

tried the best you can stand stick with what works....each child is so different and SPECIAL!! Thank you again for sharing your story and many blessings to you and your family!


9/13 -Hi I like to read your comment every day aboit your son im hispanic mom I dont know what state are you at but there is a hispanic product named maizena its corn starch belive me its really good for any tipe of rash you said betee

10/20 - You can get through this. You r awesome. Hang in there and give him extra kisses. House work can wait til another day, it will always be there, but time to give our little angels extra lovings is a fleeting moment. Enjoy it. Being tired just makes this trial even sweeter when you r on the other side. Praying

10/24 - It takes a special person to know how to cope with a special needs child. You have got to be an Angel from God. God bless you and your family.

12/7 - My name is Kim,this is my husbands page ,my son Jacob is 9 and 2 years ago we had to take him to get 13 teeth pulled,he has a molar now ,not baby teeth that were pulled,it was hard,and I always read ur blogs,u are a great mom,I love my son to death,his name is Jacob,he's non-verbal but talking more and more,GOD BLESS YOU AND UR SON!!!!Luv,Kimberly-Sibley-Mason,I have a community page under that name if you wanna see it ,or ''LIKE'' t,KIMxo

12/16 - I hope you would still write here...wish you could get paid . Although I don't comment much I read your post regular, and feed from your strength. My son is 8 now mostly non verbal or non functioning speech, still in pull ups, has sleep and aggression issues and still I am grateful to know someone out there gets what some of us deal with everyday. If you do go to blog please let us know in very simple directions on how to follow...you give me strength, hope , ideas and much gratitude to realize our situation could be much worse . I love your post...Bless you and your family

1/18/13 -Thank you for posting this....no one knows until they are in it...thank you again..

1/18/13 - Thanks for sharing. This woman is unbelievable! She stayed composed and followed through with him. Never gave up or got emotional. Good Work!!

1/18/13 - I'd read them. One of my dear friends another Robin has a son who is 36 and has very severe Autism. He is not able to stand or talk..You would not believe what she has been through. And as a single Mother. She like you are my real life Heros. I am going to have her follow your blog as you all can relate. But you know we all lose it at one time or another. My kids would tell I probably lost it a lot.

1/22/13 - Thanks so much ... You are the best

2/8/13 - Lynne - I have learned any accomplishment no matter how small it may be is a wonderful feeling. I read your blog and you are wonderful with Mike. I have said this before, but mothers of children with severe autism are the most absolute heroes. Some days just making it through to bedtime without going insane myself  is an accomplishment. Judson's change in meds has really helped him. Our specialist really understands our situation and has been a blessing. I am thinking of starting a blog about what our lives and Judson's live is like as we go through everyday life. Bless you, Lynne! If I could give you a big hug, I would. You are an inspiration and so are both Mike and Amanda.;)


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