Team "Autism Radio" Tough Mudder Race 2012 is supporting 13 athletes participating in the "Tuff-Mudders" event on April 28th, 2012 in the Pocono Mountains, PA. What is Tuff-Mudders? It is a worldwide event first established by The British Special Forces on an 11 mile hilly course with 27 grueling obstacles including climbing walls, running through fire, crawling in mud, jumping into freezing water, and negotiating through a field of electrical charged barbed wire among others. It requires team work, physical and mental toughness and commitment. 

OK, so why would anyone in their right mind inspire to do something like this? Well first of all don't assume we are in our right minds. Since I am also participating I can speak for myself. Once that is established what really motivates us is this is an opportunity to raise money and awareness for families suffering with children with Autism. The money we raise at this event will be used to assist some less fortunate families with autistic children for such things as purchasing special iPads with customized apps proven to help develop autistic children's communication skills, and providing financial assistance for therapeutic horseback riding. This therapy has been used to help autistic children improve with social interaction, and raise their self confidence. 
Your generous donations will be greatly appreciated. Our goal is to raise $5,000 by April 28th.  
Thank you for your support,
John Cimins

Vice President

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