10/14 - Next Social Media Question

10/14 - We would like to hear from our listeners/readers -How do you feel about ABA?  Applied Behavioral Analysis?  Do you feel it has helped your child?  We would like to discuss parental feelings/concerns about this form of teaching the autistic community as it is the only scientifically proven form of therapy for autistic individuals and that's why it's the only form that is covered (if any therapy at all) by the school districts.  We would like to discuss the pros and cons of this therapy.  Thanks very much.  Audience participation is key for us to get a thorough read on social media as to how we feel as an autistic community and what our thoughts are as parents/caretakers.  Please reach out to us at questions@autismradio.org or call into our show at 1-877-HOPE-777.   Call is TOLL FREE.  Also, as always, answers remain completely anonymous.

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