Question of the week - 6/16

6/16 - Question of the week:  Let's celebrate Awesome Autism Fathers!!!  Do you know an autism father who you think is awesome?  How are you celebrating Father's Day w/ your family?   We have asked in the past to hear from fathers of children/adults with autism.  We would still like to hear from you.  We would love to share stories of hope, inspiration and love as well as the frustrations that come w/ having a child w/ autism.  Do you know a grandfather of a child w/ autism?  How does he interact w/ his grandson/granddaughter?  We think the men in the autistic community need to be recognized.   This is why we have spent this week posting stories about men w/ children who have autism.  Please call us TOLL FREE at 1-877-HOPE-777.  Also, you can write to us at   Thanks so much and Happy Father's Day!

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