Thank you Autism Radio for the wonderful grant donation you have given Syler J. Lyle

Thank you Autism Radio for the wonderful grant donation you have given Syler J. Lyle for his Chiropractic care. When Syler was diagnosed with Autism it was a big blow to all the ones who love him. Because we had no clue how to help him. As a mother, I felt lost almost like I was in a revolving door turning with no exit.  

Syler's health was deteriorating and causing behavior problems. In the wrong hands we were told he would need anti psychotics at 4 yrs old. Devastated and desperate I reached out to my local military moms fb group.  The mothers quickly introduced me to an amazing fierce mother in the process of healing her son with Autism, Maria O'Neil. 


She quickly took my entire family under her wing and showed me the roadmap to start the healing process for Syler. We first saw Dr. Bob Sears and he quickly ran blood test, urine test as well as BM test to pin point Syler's hidden comorbid conditions that most children with Autism are suffering from.  Fast forward to today, Syler is now thriving and showing off his skills! 


Syler is a sweet boy with a ton of people who love him and never give up on him! Syler was unable to acknowledge or make eye contact with everyone.  He used no sounds or vocalizations and he had stereotypical, repetitive play as many children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Syler is loving and has worked very hard to integrate himself in the world.  All with the help of health care service providers such as Dr. Bob Sears, Dr. David Daily, Alan Freestone, Michele Rooney (Physical Therapist), our mentor of three years Maria O'Neil and  his Chiropractor Dr. Steve Tullius. Dr. Steve Tullius has helped Syler because he had Plagiocephaly and Torticollis. This made Syler uncomfortable and always tense aside from all the medical problems Syler was suffering from.   His head no longer appears to be flat one side and his neck isn't as tense as before he started chiropractic care. Without his chiropractor, Dr. Steve Tullius, Syler will still be very uncomfortable and unable to verbalize the discomfort. He now leaves the chiropractor's office happy, ready and set for his therapies.  It is imperative that he is happy to move forward and be able to focus in therapy in order to succeed. With all of Syler's support team, Syler's play and social skills have progressed nicely over the years and he is now interested in peers, a variety of toys and activities, and loves to read books!


Thank you Autism Radio for joining Team Syler!!!!


Lyle Family

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