"iPad for Autism" Parent Letter

Dear Paul Cimins,

This note is to say thank you for the generous donation from Autism Radio of the Apple iPad for use with our son Alex. My wife and I were so excited when I received a phone call from Park Lake's Principal, Marci Spadafora, informing us that we were to receive one for Alex. It is people and organizations like yours that make a true difference in the lives of children afflicted with autism and their families.

Our son, Alex is ten years of age and severely autistic. He is nonverbal. Over the years we have tried numerous communications techniques. None really worked. The iPad provides a wonderful platform as a communications device for Alex. Park Lake school installed the same software that they use with Alex and his teacher configured our new iPad to look the same. I also plan to spend some time at Alex's classroom so that I use the software the same way at home.

We have great hope this new technology that includes a very simple swiping type of interface will assist Alex in his educational and communications needs. Once again, without the generosity of your organization, we would not have the hope of using this technology at home. Your donation will make a difference in Alex's life.

You have our sincerest thanks and regards.

John M.

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