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Service Dog Registry - National Service Dog is Now Offering Service Dog Digital Certificates and IDs at No Extra Cost

The founders of National Service Dog, a quick and convenient service dog registry, are pleased to announce that they are now offering a free digital copy of a "Service Dog" or "Emotional Support Dog" certificate and ID.

As a spokesperson for National Service Dog noted, the United States Department of Justice defines a "Service Animal" as any guide dog, signal dog or other animals that are specially trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, animals who meet this definition are considered a Service Animal, regardless of whether the dog or other animal has been certified by the state or local government.

People who have mobility issues, hearing and/or vision impairments, autism, multiple sclerosis and other health issues that impair them physically or psychologically often rely on service dogs. Those with anxiety, panic attack issues, depression and other psychological conditions often find that an emotional support dog can be immensely helpful.

To be sure that people with service dogs and emotional support dogs are allowed to bring their beloved and needed animals into public establishments, the spokesperson noted, it is important that they are registered with a reputable company like National Service Dog. To get the free digital copy of the certificate and ID—which is searchable through a public database—visitors to the website should use the coupon code "national10" (coupon restrictions apply, see site for details) with any full priced service dog package.

"By registering your service dog, you are then within your rights to bring service animals into public establishments that otherwise do not allow pets, such apartments, airplanes, restaurants and more, without being charged any extra fees," noted the spokesperson for National Service Dog, adding that emotional service dogs should also be registered due to their ability to provide comfort, companionship and support to people in need.

Using the National Service Dog website is quick and easy. People may visit the user-friendly website at any time and click on the "Register Now" button. After entering the coupon code, they will receive a free digital copy of their Service Dog or Emotional Support Dog ID with the purchase of any full priced service dog package.

About National Service Dog:

People can take their dog anywhere and avoid hassle with service and emotional support dog registration and ID cards from National Service Dog. For more information, please visit https://nationalservicedog.org.