4/12 - Latest in Autism News

Forever Glass, a Program that Allows Adults with Autism to Create Beautiful Glass Bowls, is Launched

Participants in the Work Experience Program Create the Keepsake Bowls from Recycled Bottles

Forever Glass, an innovative work program that allows adults who are on the autism spectrum to experience creating beautiful bowls out of recycled glass, is celebrating its official launch.

The program, which was developed by sisters Cathy and Bernadette, helps to preserve memories by creating lovely glass Keepsake Bowls that are made from glass saved from special events like weddings, sports wins and holidays. The glass is cleaned and crushed and then mixed with a special glass base recipe before it is melted and spun into Signature or Artisan keepsake bowls.

As a spokesperson for Forever Glass noted, Cathy, who has been a glass artist for over 20 years, wanted to create a self sustaining workplace for her autistic son.

"Bernadette, a retired veteran is devoted to her nephew and others like him, who need an accepting and welcoming workplace environment to learn the social skills required for competitive employment."

People who would like to order a keepsake bowl from Forever Glass may send in their bottles to be transformed into handmade keepsakes. The bowls, which are around 5 inches high and between eight to 10 inches in diameter, can also be personalized with up to 20 characters to commemorate the event. Because they are handmade, no two bowls are ever exactly the same.

To support the Forever Glass work program, Cathy and Bernadette recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. They hope to raise $10,000 through crowdfunding for needed equipment.

"Our engineers have designed and built our first production equipment to our specifications," Cathy and Bernadette said. "As our campaign takes off, we will need to build additional equipment to keep up with production demands."

To learn more about Forever Glass or to make a donation to the fundraiser on Kickstarter, please visit https://goo.gl/ktuhJZ.

About Forever Glass:

Spinning Glass is an amazing and beautiful sight to see; when a person pours molten glass into a spinning mold the centrifugal force sends it careening up the sides of the mold into a handcrafted design. Please support Forever Glasses's efforts to provide a welcoming and accepting working environment for individuals on the autism spectrum, where each team member is encouraged to follow their own passion. People are empowering these unique artisans to use their talents in the creation of their one of a kind Artisan Keepsake Bowl.