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Autism Center robbed two nights in a row

Alpine Autism Center is having an unlucky streak of events over the past few years. The center was spared during the Waldo Canyon Fire, but last year suffered major flood damage. Now they've been the victim of robberies two nights in a row.

The Alpine Autism Center is located in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood. On Thursday and Friday night the center got robbed, and the thieves left mysterious notes behind.

"We went through the Waldo Canyon Fire and the building was saved," said Todd McLane, Alpine's Director of Operations. "We had a flood last August --devastated the building. We were displaced for almost seven months. We're still trying to get back on our feet and we just can't get a break. Now we have people coming in the building, stealing the equipment, and the only people they're hurting are really our kids."

On Friday, Alpine Autism Center staff realized laptops, desktop computers, and iPads were stolen overnight. On Saturday, McLane noticed cash was stolen and office files rummaged through. Police found no source of entry from the first robbery, the second robbery saw the thieves dropping in from the roof.

"There was an access panel up in the ceiling... they dropped down through a door that apparently was not locked. [They] came through the ceiling right here and dropped down to the floor and got into the building," McLane said. 

The thieves used a makeshift wood latter to get on the roof, getting away with over $10,000 worth of cash and equipment.

One of the biggest losses was a collection of iPads with special software to help non-verbal students communicate.

"The particular information that is on the equipment is lost now, and we're going to have to start over. So even coming into the center on Monday is going to be a setback for us," McLane said.

McLane said he thinks the thief could be someone that knows the building well. But they didn't just steal, they also left something behind.

"They left a note on one of the computer monitors," McLane said. "It said 'No hard feelings.'"

Three notes have been given to police. The third was on a picture removed from the lobby wall and placed in another room.

"Found in our storage room and it had a note stuck on it," McLane said. "The note said, 'no bad deed undone... sorry.'"

News 5 is working to get images of the notes left by the thieves. Anyone who may have seen suspicious activity in the Mountain Shadows Neighborhood Thursday or Friday night should contact CSPD.

Oct 09, 2016 12:48 AM, By Ted Skrobac