A 19-Year-Old's Face Tracking Software will Change the Way People with Autism Recognize Emotions

Catalin Voss is CEO and cofounder of Sension.

By the time he was 15, Catalin Voss produced the No. 1 podcast on the Germany iTunes stores and commuted back and forth between his native Heidelberg and Silicon Valley to work for Steve Capps, one of the designers of the original Macintosh Apple computer.

During freshman year  at Stanford University, the coding prodigy added "CEO" to his résumé.

His company, Sension, is a visual interface company seeking to revolutionize the way we learn. Voss, 19, and a small team of Sension employees and Stanford affiliates developed a facial recognition software that works with a simple webcam, allowing anyone to make videos that respond to the viewer.


MELIA ROBINSON, Business Insider, October 16, 2014