MOVIE - The Story of Luke - Review and Preview of New Film About Autism Launches Worldwide April 5 by Brian Cimins

1 in 88 children are diagnosed with Autism.  All of the children and
beautifully gifted in their own way, but because we are just starting
to uncover the mysteries of Autism and Aspergers, we are realizing how
very special and unique each child or adult with Autism is.  Just like
no child is the same, no child with Autism is the same.  Some children
do not speak, some are slightly introverted, some can't be touched,
some don't like loud noise, and a million other unique potential
differences that stand out on the Autism Spectrum.

There have been only a few movies that truly captured the true essence
of Autism including the Temple Grandin movie on HBO back in 2010.  The
Story of Luke captures the innocence, the essence, the unfiltered
love, the challenges, the family healing power of a child (or adult)
with Autism, and the HOPE of love - "The Story of Luke" nailed it and
is a must see for anyone affected by Autism.  Quite simply stated, The
Story of Luke is the best Autism movie ever made and everyone will
enjoy it on multiple emotional levels including laughing out loud and
crying uncontrollably, especially those who truly LOVE someone with
Autism. Please watch this movie to gain a better understanding of
Autism's large spectrum and how one person's experience with life is.
It'll grow your heart to better understand the family challenges and
quality of life issues for 1 in 88 children in America.

Find out more information on the movie, which launches Worldwide on
April 5, 2013 - get info here:

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I've had the pleasure of working closely with Paul Cimins of Autism
Radio ( since inception of their amazing
charity that helps families challenged with Autism every day.

Many people do not know that Paul Cimins' 9-year-old son, Jonathan
Cimins was diagnosed with Autism at 2-years-old after an adverse
reaction to a Vaccine.  He went from 50+ words to Zero words after a
105 degree temperature and hasn't communicated since.  Paul and his
family were massively challenged back in 2003 without any available
information, diet, alternative treatments, supplements or special
services.  Paul Cimins became The Autism Super Dad, a voice for his
son and the millions affected within the Autism community seeking
knowledge in an open minded non-political environment.

the host of the World's First Autism Family Support Network and
program "Hope Saves The Day" on iHeartRadio, iTunes and streaming 24/7
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Seeing this movie gave me hope for my nephew Jonathan - because I
imagine him speaking one day just like "Luke" with the heartfelt
emotional learning curve that comes so naturally to most people, but
not as natural with some children with Autism or Aspergers. See how
"Luke" heals everyone he comes into contact with, the POWER of LOVE
within a child with Autism is amazing.  As parents and relatives and
friends, we need to support the parents and child equally, because so
many parents and children with Autism live in private despair, afraid
to leave the house, and afraid to face the world. Awareness of the
signs of Autism and showing extra kindness and patience or being a
REAL friend to someone affected with Autism can become one of the most
special experiences in life.

Keep shining your LIGHT, especially for those who need it the most.

With your happiness, success and healing in mind,

Brian Cimins,
Your Strategy Coach and
Co-Founder of "Coaching for Autism"

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