What does autism mean to you?

As a supporter of the autism community we thought you would want to hear about our new video "What does autism mean to you?".

We would love to get your perspective on this issue so that we can continue to educate people about what it is like to live with an autism spectrum disorder.

At a recent event, we asked five people what autism means to them and then used the footage to pull their thoughts together to make a video. While making the clip, we realised that this was just the beginning of the many ways autism can be described. We wondered - what does autism mean to everyone else? 

With so many people around the world diagnosed with this lifelong condition we know it affects everyone differently. It is not just the many people with autism that are impacted in different ways, it is also the people in their families and throughout their communities.

So, please watch the video, share it and help us reach 15,000 likes on Facebook and start 15,000 conversations about autism here http://www.facebook.com/AutismSpectrumAustralia

Feel free to share your story too. Tell us what autism means to you - looking forward to hearing from you.

Charmaine Tanti 
Account Executive 

Beyond The Square Communication