Food Can Help Reverse Autism Effects

After last week’s post about the connection between ADHD and food, a reader emailed me a link to a FoxNews clip about a young girl experiencing a dramatic improvement in her autism in just one year (video below).

What did her family change? Her diet, of course.

But it’s not just any old Real Food diet. It’s a diet specifically designed to heal the gut from dysbiosis. Many parents of children who suffer from ADHD or are on the autism spectrum change their diet to eliminate processed and refined foods. While switching over to Real Food can obviously help, it may not be enough to see noticeable improvement.

You see, if you suffer from gut dysbiosis, even “nourishing” whole grains (even gluten-free ones!) can further irritate the intestinal lining and produce neurological symptoms akin to what we see in children who suffer from ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and mood disorders. So can unfermented dairy, natural or refined sugars, soy in any form, and more!

And even if you eliminated all these gut-irritating foods, you’re still not eating foods that correct the dysbiosis or heal the gut lining. (Foods like bone broth, coconut water kefir, and more!)

The family featured in the video adopted this kind of gut-healing diet, and saw amazing improvements. Watch the video!

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