Autism Diet Revolutionaries: Donna Gates and Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride Describe Autism’s Gut/Brain Connection

Does your child have autism? You may want to view the videos linked at the bottom of this post. These 2 women have changed our lives and made autism recovery a reality in our home!

I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I first opened this book. Donna Gates’ Body Ecology Diet has done more to change my life than any other book I’ve ever read. And, I’m a fiction writer! I’m also a huge admirer of spiritual teacher, Eckart Tolle, and his works have inspired me, made sense out of my thoughts, and have often kept me on my path.

But The Body Ecology Diet taught me something huge enough to bring myself and my son out of the deepest sickness of our lives. Donna Gates made sense out of my brain fog, bread cravings, constant ear infections and pneumonia.

While my family was considering the fact that I was depressed, fatigued, rude, lazy or simply insane – Donna Gates was saying “go eat your fermented beets.”

While my son was slipping into what the world was calling the un-curable curse of autism, and suffering infection after infection – Donna Gates was saying “feed him fermented young coconut water.”

These fermented foods are the key to her diet because they help restore healthy gut bacteria. The massive amounts of antibiotics we were taking to fight infection caused Dougie and me to slip into candida. This is a condition where the pathogenic yeast that is located in all of our digestive tracts overtakes the good bacteria and begins to cause damage to the entire body.

Candida made me really tired, really forgetful and feel really strange in my own body. My little boy wasn’t verbalizing this pain, but as a mom, I could see it in him. Candida also made him lose his language and skills, lose eye contact and emotional response to pain. He began banging his head, licking the floor, staring at the wall, sleeping 12 hours and then staying awake for 24.

When candida was at its worst, I would literally pass out a few times during the day, and get rashes from taking a bite of bread. Dougie would begin banging his head and jumping up and down at the taste of something sweet. We were a mess.

Of course, until, the angels guided me to this book and the works of these 2 amazing women. So, if I have any heroes, Donna Gates is one of them. I will meet her one day myself and give her the biggest hug.

This system brought my baby back to me and brought my own life back to me. We are so happy and full of energy now, and I am so grateful to Donna and all of the studies she did to develop this key to autism recovery.


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