RainDance Technologies Launches Two Comprehensive Genetic Screening Research Tools for Identifying Mutations Associated with X-Chromosome and Autism Spectrum Disorders

The RainDance XSeq Research Screening Panel also utilizes next-generation DNA sequencing to offer more than 98 percent coverage of the more than 1,000 genes encoded on the gene-rich human X chromosome3. This includes more than 600 genes that have yet to be associated with a Mendelian disease and all known Mendelian disorder genes. Coverage includes all exons, the 5-prime promoter region and 3-prime UTR for each gene. A few of the commonly sequenced genes represented in the XSeq panel, which can be sequenced together in a single powerful assay method, include ALD, DMD, FMR1, GLA and IL2RG.

“For the first time, we have access to a cost-effective solution that allows us to use next-generation sequencing to simultaneously interrogate more than 1,000 genes on the X chromosome,” said Michael Zwick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Emory University. “This allows us to generate accurate, consistent and reproducible data at a fraction of the overall sample cost compared to previous sequencing methods.”

Roopom Banerjee, CEO of RainDance Technologies, added, “These two research panels are excellent examples of how RainDance is collaborating with leading scientific institutions to bring powerful genetic research solutions to projects that will expand our understanding of complex genetic disorders.”

2011 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting

RainDance will discuss the ASDSeq and XSeq Research Screening Panels during its Exhibitor Theater presentation at the ACMG meeting on March 18 at 11:35am PT in Theater 1. The company will also be demonstrating its microdroplet platform in its exhibition booth (#533). Emory Genetics Laboratory (#215) and Geenwood Genetic Center (#109) will also be exhibiting at the meeting. For more information about ACMG please visit www.acmgmeeting.net.

For additional information about the new ASDSeq Research Screening Panel please visit: www.RainDanceTech.com/products/ASDSeq.asp. For additional information about the new XSeq Research Screening Panel please visit: www.RainDanceTech.com/products/XSeq.asp.

About RainDance Technologies, Inc.

RainDance Technologies is pioneering the use of high-throughput microdroplet-based analysis in human health and life science research. The company's core RainStorm™ technology generates millions of discrete droplets that can encapsulate a single molecule, cell or reaction and be digitally analyzed and sorted one at a time. The power, simplicity and precision of microdroplets enable researchers to answer complex questions with unprecedented sensitivity and quantification. The complete RainDance solution includes automated instrumentation, customizable bioinformatics and high-value consumables and reagents for applications including targeted next-generation DNA sequencing, methylation, single molecule digital PCR and single cell analysis. Based in Lexington, Massachusetts, the company supports scientists around the world through its international sales and support operations and a global network of distributors and service providers. For more information, please visit www.RainDanceTech.com.

The RainDance ASDSeq and XSeq Research Screening Panels are for research use only. Not for diagnostic purposes.

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