Interview with Maureen Mihailescu airing March 7, 2011.

Maureen Mihailescu is an author, advocate for children with autism, and the Director of Windsurf Publishing LLC. Maureen most recently created books for children with autism that target language, social skills, and airline travel. She also writes for typical children and adults. Maureen has a master’s in psychology and is raising a child on the autism spectrum. She is a native New Yorker from Manhattan and lives in the northeast. Her future plans include more books for adults and children with and without autism. Maureen’s titles include:
“Social Skills Practice for the Playground for Children on the Autism
“Social Skill Scenes for Very Young Children With Autism”
“What Can You Expect When You Fly?” and the upcoming
“Social Sharing Is All Around Us” 
Windsurf Publishing LLC's website is