Autism Toys

 6 of the best sites advice on the best toys for autistic children as well as online stores where you can buy these autism toys. (You might also be interested in these Bessed pages: Bean Bag Chairs, Nap Mats, Diecast Trucks)

1. Toys for Autism - Online store with products specifically designed for autistic children, including sensory products, chewable toys, balance toys and more. (

2. National Autism Resources - The name of this store sounds a bit like a charitable organization, but instead it offers all sorts of toys and learning products aimed at autistic children, as well as tips on buying toys and gifts for kids with autism. Sensory integration toys, calming toys, oral motor tools, fidget toys, fine and gross motor skill toys, speech and language games, more. (

3. Toys R Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids - Offers advice on toy buying for autistic and other special needs children, as well as a guide to top toys that speak to those with autism. While the toys for sale are general toys that Toys R Us sells for all kids, they are grouped into categories such as “Fine Motor Skills”, “Auditory”, “Tactile”, etc. to help you choose appropriate toys to meet the needs of the specific child. (


4. Ozmo Fun Toys for Autism and Other Special Interests - This online store specializes in toys for autism, with categories including “Light”, “Relaxing”, “Gross”, Puzzle”, “Fantasy”, “Sound”, and more. (

5. Toys for Autism: My Preschoolers’ Favorite Toys - An customer/reader who is a speech therapist offers a list of 39 toys that have proven to be popular with autistic children. You can buy many of them at, though this list must be somewhat old because many are no longer available. (

6. LA Toy Store - This store says it specializes in therapy toys, autism toys and other specialty toys, with educational toys, wooden toys, rocking toys, more. The selection was actually a little sparse last we checked. (