Top 10 Ways to Collaborate With Your Child's School

"Establishing clear lines of communication with school staff early on is an important first step that will help parents make a positive impact on the new school year for their children, and reduce a lot of the stress for parents," says Jamie Pagliaro, who was the founding Executive Director of the New York Center for Autism Charter School, "however, some schools may not be equipped to help parents do that well." Pagliaro is also the co-creator of Rethink Autism and a member of Rethink Autism's Scientific Advisory Board.

As part of its commitment to the autism community, Rethink Autism ( is offering a free online webinar and live chat with world-renowned autism expert Dr. Bridget Taylor entitled "Top 10 Ways to Collaborate with Your Child's School" on Monday, September 20 at 2pm EDT (1pm CDT).  Parents may know Dr. Taylor from the well-known book "Let Me Hear Your Voice" by Catherine Maurice.

"For children with autism to truly excel in school and at home, parents and professionals must become close and cooperative partners in treatment and education," says Dr. Taylor.  "In this webinar, we will help parents learn simple, practical ways to collaborate effectively and productively with their child's education team." Having founded one of the leading school programs in the world for children with autism, Dr. Taylor is a strong advocate for parent involvement in autism treatment, parent training, home-based support and ongoing communication.

The webinar is open to anyone with Internet access - parents, school staff and family members are welcome - but capacity is limited so registration is required to attend (at  In its Expert Access webinar series, Rethink Autism connects the autism community with leading experts presenting their innovative work and perspectives on a variety of important topics.

When using Rethink Autism, a parent fills out a brief skills checklist online. The program will then create an individualized ABA-based learning plan for the child, drawing from a comprehensive evidence-based curriculum consisting of 1200+ video-based teaching steps. The curriculum, endorsed by leaders in the field of autism treatment and research, spans the entire autism spectrum and covers a broad range of skills, including academics, language, social, motor, daily living, and behavior management. "Our goal is to make ABA accessible to families without clinical jargon or a diagnostic maze. Each lesson plan includes several step-by-step videos that show ABA therapists working with a child with autism, so that parents know how to work with their children through specific needs anytime and anywhere," said Jamie Pagliaro, executive vice president of Rethink Autism.

About Rethink Autism

Rethink Autism, Inc. seeks to ensure that every child on the autism spectrum has access to effective and affordable evidence-based treatment options by providing professionals, parents, and family members with the tools and information necessary to teach children with autism in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Rethink Autism was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters at 19 West 21st Street in New York City.


Jamie Pagliaro
Executive Vice President, Rethink Autism
ph: 646-257-2919