Autism Spectrum Disorders on the Rise in the United States

Princeton, NJ--June. 16, 2010—The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is on the rise in the United States with the cost of care currently in excess of $35 billion a year. With one in every 120 people diagnosed with Autism in the U.S, more emphasis is being placed on early intervention and comprehensive treatment. Currently, families seeking treatment for Autism must plot a course through a maze of providers and services in the educational, behavioral and medical arenas. Autism Services Group (ASG) was formed to help families navigate the intricacies of care throughout these complex and often confusing service spheres.

Today, the state of NJ ranks as one of the highest states for the prevalence of Autism, with 1 of every 94 residents receiving an Autism diagnosis. In response to this mounting trend, a significant number of states, including New Jersey, have passed legislation requiring health insurers to cover ASD.

"The Autism Services Group is devoted to helping the families in the state of New Jersey,” said Dr. Howard Savin, ASG’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are acutely aware of the complex clinical issues associated with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis as well as the severe economic demand that this diagnosis puts on families."

“The expansive experience and depth of ASG’s professional network in New Jersey offers a distinct advantage to families, health plans and self-insured employers in helping individuals and families access the most suitable care in the most expedient and cost effective manner”

The Autism Services Group offers a seamless and wide-ranging suite of services that includes:

• Single source to coordinate clinical resources throughout the state;
• A credentialed provider network that includes licensed ASD professionals with experience in education, behavioral health and therapeutic services;
• Coordination of billing and reimbursement for ASG providers;
• Training and development services provided to professional and community organizations

"The number of services and types of reimbursement are changing all the time, which makes the management of care challenging for many,” said Dr. Savin. “The Autism Services Group helps families make intelligent and informed choices."