Show#350 Parents Chime In On Accommodations About Services For Their Child With Aspergers

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Please tune in tonight at 8:00 PM EST when your Host Paul Cimins and Co-Host Lynne Glucoft discuss our social media question of the week. If you have an HFA (High Functioning Autistic Child) or Aspergers child - how hard is it to get the appropriate accommodations for your child to be able to learn? We have heard from many parents that this is a huge problem in the autistic population - Aspergers or HFA children are being shoved aside and not getting the proper accommodations that they need to prosper and learn. We would like to hear from parents or even adults who have gone through this themselves - what did you do? What would you recommend doing? And we'll be speaking with some professionals to get advice on how to handle this problem. 

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