Show#350 Parents Chime In On Accommodations About Services For Their Child With Aspergers

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Please tune in tonight at 8:00 PM EST when your Host Paul Cimins and Co-Host Lynne Glucoft discuss our social media question of the week. If you have an HFA (High Functioning Autistic Child) or Aspergers child - how hard is it to get the appropriate accommodations for your child to be able to learn? We have heard from many parents that this is a huge problem in the autistic population - Aspergers or HFA children are being shoved aside and not getting the proper accommodations that they need to prosper and learn. We would like to hear from parents or even adults who have gone through this themselves - what did you do? What would you recommend doing? And we'll be speaking with some professionals to get advice on how to handle this problem. 

Show #349 - Parental Guilt

Please tune in tonight at 8:00 PM EST  to our latest addition of our radio show "Hope Saves The Day" - where your Host Paul Cimins and Co-Host Lynne Glucoft discuss the topic of "Parent Guilt".  Every parent can only hope that his/her child will be able to be independent at some point in time.  As our children get older - there is even more pressure to force them to be independent.  We discuss this "parental guilt" -  and the feeling that you're not doing enough to help your child.  

Show#347 Disparity in Services Around The World

Please tune in tonight at 8:00 PM EST when your Host Paul Cimins and Co-Host Lynne Glucoft discuss our social media question of the week.

We would like to discuss autistic services that are available in different parts of the country or in different parts of the world. It seems to us that there is a huge disparity in services that are available depending on what area of the United States you live. Here in New Jersey - we have a variety of services available to us. We have special schools specific to just Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It would be good to discuss areas that need more attention and more services. Please feel free to contact us at 1-877-HOPE-777 and be on our show!!! Or you can also e-mail us your answers at Thanks so much. As always, answers remain anonymous. Thanks so much.

Show#341 Interview with Lara Stolman Producer & Director, Of Swim Team

Please tune in tonight at 8:00 PM EST when your Host Paul Cimins sits down for an exclusive interview with Lara Stolman

About Our Guest

Lara's work has appeared on NBC, MSNBC, TLC, AMC, VH-1 and The New York Times' website. Her film Portraits of Survival, about coming to terms with the tragedy of 9/11 through art was selected for the Hamptons International Film Festival, aired on MSNBC and was awarded the Cine Golden Eagle.

For Swim Team, her first feature documentary film, she was named an IFP Documentary Lab Fellow, awarded the New York Women in Film and Television Loreen Arbus Disability Awareness grant and was provided with completion funding from the Karma Foundation.

Lara has guest lectured on documentary production at NYU, served as a juror for the News and Documentary Emmy Awards and writes for the Huffington Post. She has a BA in Political Science from Columbia College of Columbia University and JD from Yeshiva University's Benjamin Cardozo School of LawProducer and Direcotr of Swim Team.We take an inside look about this wonderful Film.

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Show#340 Social Media Question of The Week Topic Getting a Baby Sitter !!!!

Please tune in tonight at 8:00 PM EST when your Host Paul Cimins and Co-Host Lynne Glucoft discuss the social media question of the week:

Do you have problems getting a babysitter for your ASD child? We would like to hear from you - we will be discussing on our next radio show "Hope Saves The Day"? Who do you use as your babysitter? What would be your suggestion to other parents who are looking for a babysitter for some respite time for herself/himself or for a married couple to get out alone?  Please contact us at or call us TOLL FREE at 1-877-HOPE-777.  You can be part of our show!!!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Show#339 Interview with Comedian Michael Ray Kingsbury Raising a Son With Autism

Please tune in tonight at 8:00 PM EST when your Host Paul Cimins sits down with Michael Ray Kingsbury.

About our Guest Michael Ray Kingsbury. I am a Comedic Storyteller/proud father of a child with Autism. I have been featured at The Vermont Comedy Club, The Albany Comedy Works and I was a finalist in the 2016 word X word competition.He takes us a Journey how his Comedy has changed since having a child with autism and how he balances the work life relationship being on the road as a comedian. He had a wonderful article on The Mighty called To the 'Cool Guy' on the Plane Who Realized My Son Has Autism.

You can read it here




Show#334 Interview with Heather Williams Full Circle Performing Arts Coordinator

Please join us tonight at 8:00 PM EST where your Host Paul Cimins sits down with Heather Williams Performing Arts Coordinator from the Full Circle Program at the Matheny- Arts Access Program.

Full Circle Promo

The Four Principles: This video goes in depth about the way we work with
our clients to create fine art

Full Circle 2016 Conversations Highlights Artists’ Accomplishments


Peapack – Lovers of fine and performing art are invited to enjoy inspired paintings; dances that redefine the rules of movement; and dramatic and written works that evoke the human experience. These offerings and more will be on display at Full Circle 2016: Conversations. The annual celebration of Matheny Medical & Educational Center’s Arts Access Program will be held on Saturday, November 5, from 3-6pm, in the Robert Schonhorn Arts Center.


Created more than 20 years ago, the Arts Access Program enables individuals with developmental disabilities to express themselves through the creative and performing arts. While the artists’ minds are full of imaginative ideas, they have limited use of their bodies and voices to share those ideas with the world. The Arts Access Program tosses out that equation and uses professional artists as facilitators who assist the clients in creating original works of art in every discipline.


‘Conversations’ is the theme of this year’s event. “Every reaction to a painting, poem, dance or play is a response to a conversation started by the creator,” says Eileen Murray, Director of the Arts Access Program. “The Arts Access artists share their thoughts, ideas and unique views on the world. Many of the artists have never spoken a word, but through their art, they speak volumes.”


The clients’ artistry will be featured in an innovative stage showcase that includes dance, theatre, and creative writing pieces. In addition to the performance, patrons can view a multi-media gallery exhibit that highlights acrylic paintings, digital art, and sculpture. Arts Access Performing Arts Coordinator, Heather Williams, will be producing the stage performance for a second year. The artwork will be curated once again by Haeree Park, who in addition to being the Arts Access Project and Events Coordinator is also an accomplished artist and photographer.


The honorary chair for Full Circle 2016: Conversations is Shannon DeVido.

DeVido is a talented actress, comedian, and singer who will lend her support and speak at the event. Local vendors and sponsors will provide fine food tastings and beverages. Full Circle tickets are $50 and can be ordered online at or by calling (908) 234-0011 ext. 260. All proceeds will benefit the Arts Access Program.


Artist Spotlight


Kevin White: Born to Dance


Talented artist’s first choreographed piece will be featured in Full Circle: Conversations.


“My dance will be exciting,” expressed Kevin White, as he revealed a wide smile. “People will love it.”  A choreographer, artist, and writer with Matheny’s Arts Access Program, Kevin’s first fully-choreographed dance will be included in Full Circle: Conversations, the Program’s annual fine art and performance showcase.

   Held November 5, 2016 at the Robert Schonhorn Center in Peapack, the event will take place from 3:00pm-6:00pm. Kevin’s dance is a solo piece in which he will be the featured dancer. Choreographed to Rachmaninoff’s “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini,” the dance was created over the course of a little more than two years.

   “For a first-time choreographer, Kevin demonstrated an innate, sophisticated musicality and a desire to expand his boundaries as a solo dancer,” said Corey Bliss, an Arts Access Dance Facilitator who has worked with Kevin for three years. “It is not always easy for a choreographer to dance in his own work, but Kevin was unfazed by the challenge.”

   Warm eye gazes and smiles, attention-grabbing utterances, and a communication board are just some of the ways Kevin invites interaction with friends and viewers of his work. As attendees will see, Kevin also has a knack for musicality and choreography. According to Bliss, Kevin exhibits a unique sensitivity to the dynamic shifts in music. He connects with specific notes and phrases as he crafts the timing for each section of movement.

   “Kevin created original movements for his arms, legs, and head,” said Bliss. “He also chose specific points in the melody for changes in speed and direction, adding dramatic effect to this otherwise abstract work.” Kevin’s dance will include a “ghost dancer who maneuvers his wheelchair but does no other independent movements.

   “I listened to a few things before deciding on the music,” shared Kevin, who was born in Cherry Hill. “I just started to really like classical music. Creating the dance was a challenge.”

   Kevin has participated in Arts Access Program, a fine arts program for individuals with developmental disabilities, almost since its inception over twenty years ago. He loves having the support of his mom, twin sisters, and niece Molly, who is the apple of his eye. His family currently resides in Palmyra.

   In addition to a choreographed dance, Kevin will have three acrylic paintings included in Full Circle’s gallery exhibit. His paintings and digital work have been featured in multiple venues. Locations include the Johnson & Johnson IT Building in Raritan, NJ, The Atrium Gallery in Morristown, NJ, NESC Gala in NYC, Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ, Monmouth Museum in NJ, Bernardsville Library, NJ, and UMDNJ Medical School in Newark, NJ.

   For additional information about Full Circle: Conversations or to purchase tickets, which are $50, log onto

Show#333 Interview with Heather Williams Full Circle Performing Arts Coordinator

Please join us tonight at 8:00 PM EST where your Host Paul Cimins sits down Richard Stripp Author of Mommy, I Wish I Could Tell You What They Did To Me In School Today” We get a glimpse into the minds of 10 different children with varying disabilities through the eyes of one of their closest friends.  The author has worked directly with these children and because most of them can’t speak for themselves, he has given us an idea of what they might possibly say.  All of the scenarios discussed in this book are based on actual events.  While some of it may be disturbing, the hope is that the reader will learn what can occur in an effort to make things better in the future.  This one-of-a-kind book is a must-read for anyone socially, emotionally, or professionally linked to any special needs person.

Here are some Link to Purchase the book and Get More Information.



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