Autism Radio to Launch “Swim for Autism” Program on April 6, 2013

Special Olympics New Jersey and Autism Radio Launch “Swim for Autism” Program 

WHARTON, NJ - Paul Cimins, Founder of,  is proud to announce the new “Swim for Hope” Swimming Program for Children with Autism.  Cimins will oversee and organize special training classes and confidence building competitions and family gatherings for children on the Autism Spectrum throughout the United States starting in his home state of New Jersey.

Mission Statement from “Swim for Hope” National Swimming Program for Autism: Our goal is to increase water safety awareness and teach more children on the Autism Spectrum basic swimming techniques.  Swim for Hope will help develop a family fun activity and participate in special events, including Special Olympics New Jersey competitions..  

For some children, water can be scary or just uncomfortable, even dangerous. Others can never seem to get enough of it, but don’t know how to safely and independently coordinate their bodies when in the pool. We aim to create a fun, safe and family environment for families nationwide.  

“Swim for Hope” National Swimming Program for Autism includes:

(1) Basic Swimming Lessons with Licensed and Certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor

(2) Safety Concerns Water properties as they relate to the sensory system. 

(3) Making a child go under Water Successfully 

(4) Auditory and Sign Language Commands for Training and Safety

(5) Seeking sensory input to increase confidence and pool Engagement and interaction

(6) How to avoid Excessive drinking of the pool water 

(7) Exercise and routine to increase comfort and focus

(8) Annual Statewide Competitions and National Championships

(9) Salt Water Tank and Ocean Day Trips (summer)

The pilot program is launching in Wayne, New Jersey on April 6, 2013 and we are currently seeking sponsors for the program.  We would like to give special thanks to the Wayne Special Parents Association (SPA)  in collaboration with Passaic County Freeholder Pat Lepore. 

Interested in sponsoring a local “Swim for Hope” program in your area?  Please email or call 877-HOPE-777 and leave a message with your contact information.  


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