Show#225 Talks About Willow Hope's Project Asperclick and Many Other Things She is Doing For Autism!!!!

 On Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio.Tonight's Paul Cimins Discusses the Journey and Work of Willow hope and the impact she is making on the Autism Community.

Our Story is about the work of WillowHope she is a  22 year old female with Asperger Syndrome.

  She tries to do as much as possible to raise awareness and acceptance of the Autistic Spectrum. It started with a video blog, something which I continue to do, it includes various projects including a forum for people on the spectrum (Asperclick) and it includes writing (among other things). The thing I'm most proud of though, is my book. I genuinely believe that it could help a lot of people, and not in a patronizing way, because that's just not my style, but in the same way that my videos have helped people - hopefully to a much greater extent (the feedback so far has been amazing). 


I didn't just want to write walls of text, because I know that can be unhelpful for some people on the spectrum, and it’s not always the best way to be relatable. To break it up, I wanted to have a space for photos and videos, so I decided to make an interactive timeline, something which I feel is a new approach to sharing a story about living on the spectrum. It was a huge job and a draining process, so I hope that it will be helpful for people and that it enhances the book. 


Included are lots of photos from my childhood, right up to present day, which go some way to illustrate the book. Also, I've put in lots of information which just didn't fit in with the chapters as they are, but either follows on or fits right alongside them and I felt I shouldn’t leave out completely. I've basically opened up and pieced together my whole life, the good and the bad parts, and that's why it's been so hard to do. I also decided to upload all of the reports and letters from various psychiatrists and therapists, which includes my diagnosis' and any trouble I had with school etc. which I was unsure about since it’s so personal, but I think it’s important. 


If you go here, you can see the timeline:


Here is a link to the PDF copy of the book:


And attached is the press release for the book.


To know more about WillowHope please go to the ‘About’ section of my site here: or visit my YouTube page here:

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