Show#211 Interview with Meghan Mulvenna who is the founder of Special Travelers

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Meghan Mulvenna who is the founder of Special Travelers, an organization based on the need for children with autism and other developmental disabilities to be supported in everyday life experiences. This is what she feels is the purpose of Special Education, to impart skills to children who will then be able to use them within their homes and communities. Their goal is to bridge the gap between learning and living.

The role of Special Travelers is truly unique. They pick up where education leaves off. Some of their services include accompanying individuals on family vacations, events and day trips; facilitating common community-based scenarios such as shopping at grocery stores or eating in restaurants; and creating effective home-based systems for improving routines, leisure activities and basic responsibilities.


Meghan holds a BA in Special Education, Teacher of the Handicapped certification, and MA in Organizational Behavior. She has served the population with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities, including as Williams, Fragile X, and Angelman syndromes. Having served as an in-home provider, teacher, consultant, Coordinator and Educational Director, Meghan is most passionate about improving the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.


She can be reached at, or by phone at (443) 228-6436. Visit for more information about their services.

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