Show#235 Business That Hire and Help Individuals With Disabilities Get Training For Employment!!!

Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio Tonight's Show is with your Host Paul Cimins  and his Co Host is Lynne Glucoft which talk about which franchises are particular good w/ hiring or training the disabled?    Here is a List of some of the Great Business that help people with special needs get jobs in the community a list from our Social Media Page sent in by our listeners.

Walgreen's! My older son stocks shelves two days a week. He found the job through vocational rehab. 

Deseret Industries. Goodwill,

Shoprite, Walmart,Kroger also known as King Sooper hires disabled and so do hospitals.                      My son works at Meijer. There are several others there with disabilities as well.

Genesis Development here in Iowa hires. They have a few different branches of companies...a box making company, a beef jerky company... The Salvation Army thrift stores!

Price Chopper supermarkets.

Target & McDonalds (at least here in NY)


Briggs and Associates that places young adults/older adults with disabilities that best fit what they are capable of doing. Not sure if they only work in Atlanta or not.

Petco or petsmart . Pizza Hut. Albertsons

Hyvee -MO Shoprite ,Home Goods, Big Y,

We also discuss about your tone of voice plays a big role on effects when rasing a child with Autism we talk about how to help stay positive when raising a child with Autism some Simple guidelines to follow that can help.

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