Show#199 Interview With Founder Esther Thane,

 On Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio Tonight's Show is with Host Paul Cimins who talks with Esther Thane Who is the Founder of ET Music Therapy.

About Our Guest Esther Thane, BMT, MTA, AVPTWho is an Accredited Music Therapist & Vocal Psycho-therapist

Esther Thane works as an accredited music therapist with special needs children in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her specialization for the past 17 years has been in the field of Autism- targeting early intervention. Esther continues to provide weekly music therapy programs for the North Vancouver School District- where she interned 17 years ago! In addition to ET Music Therapy, Esther is a Music Therapy voice instructor at Capilano University, teaching in the Bachelor of Music Therapy Program. She frequently presents at conferences and holds workshops for universities, local agencies and abroad. Esther is past Artistic Director of the Music Therapy Symposium for Kids in Vancouver. She recently completed Dr. Diane Austin's (Music Psychotherapy Center, NY) first international distance training program in Advanced Vocal Psychotherapy. Esther’s publication in the book: Voicework in Music Therapy, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, focuses on her innovative method of Vocal-Led Relaxation for Children with ASD. Her online music therapy resources can be found on the Mundo Pato 2.0 website, where she is also an Accountant Executive for UnitUs- therapy intelligence.

ET Music Therapy is an established music therapy practice, serving the Metro Vancouver area for the past 17 years. Et Music Therapy is based on one simple principle: Music is one of the most motivating and effective mediums to build strong connections with children with Autism and other special needs. Children ranging from 18 months old to adulthood experience musical connection filled with joy, with space to explore both the musical environment and facets of their personality, through intentional and skilled therapeutic guidance.

 Why Music Therapy? At ET Music Therapy, the dynamic musical experience provides a safe, nurturing environment in which a child can feel secure and confident to explore.  Because music has stimulating, sensory, motivational and emotive qualities, it can be used as a tool to elicit musical, verbal, or corporeal responses and promote interaction in an enjoyable and often effortless way.  A child will always integrate new information and skills when there is inner motivation & curiosity.  Music can be the built in reward!

In Music Therapy sessions, musical experiences can facilitate development in all skill domains.   All activities are tailored to the child’s ability level & are designed to utilize his or her personal strengths, motivations and interests.

 Et Music Therapy offers two online resources (hosted by Mundo Pato):

 “Rooted in Music”- Relaxation Recordings for children with Autism (available for mp3 download)  ($14.95)

This relaxation package includes 4 relaxation recordings of varying lengths, and a PDF Instruction booklet. It is a resource for children with ASD, parents of children with Autism, therapists, family members etc. This original composition is based on 18 years of clinical practice and is published in the book: Voicework in Music Therapy (Jessica Kingsley Publishers). Rooted in Music can be an effective tool for children and adults alike! Add these recordings to your child's "bag of self regulation tricks" and enjoy this experience with your child or independently.

Go to:

 “Meet in the Music”- Online Music Therapy Course for Parents of Children with Autism ($29.95) 

This is a multi media course, packed with demonstrative videos & original compositions for download. It is a resource & training tool for parents wanting to connect with their child with Autism through the power of music, using music therapy strategies they can use at home. Others that benefit: family members, behavioral interventionists, treatment team, school aides.

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 Today's Closing Song Is Our Good Friend Of Show Mark Leland

Mark Leland is from West Monroe, Louisiana. Mark Leland is a country singer who has been very supportive of autism. His music often tell stories and some are about autism.

Missing Pieces: Mark Leland wrote the song, "Missing Pieces" about his manger's son who was diagnosed with autism.  This is one of the top songs about autism and has shared this at numerous fundraising events for autism. Listen to this wonderful song on YouTube here. If you like the "Missing Pieces" song you can purchase it at

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