Show#185 Karley Begley, Mother of an Autistic Child Receives a Hateful Letter About Her Child With Autism !

On Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio we sit down and talk to Karla Begley talk about a hateful letter towards her son and how the town all got together and make a way to Spread Autism Acceptance. Ontario police are aware of a disgusting letter sent to a woman caring for an autistic child by another woman who wanted the "wild animal kid" out of her neighborhood, even if it meant killing the child.

 An Ontario mother has spoken out after receiving a disturbing and threatening letter about her autistic son that has shocked a community east of Toronto, and led to a police investigation.

The hateful letter was reportedly sent over the summer to her mother who is a resident of Newcastle, Ont., just east of Toronto, who hosts her 13-year-old grandson, Max, during summer days.

You have a kid that is mentally handicapped and you consciously decided that it would be a good idea to live in close proximity neighborhood like this????” the letter railing against Karla Begley’s son, Max, says.

The 13-year-old lives with his parents and older brother in Oshawa, Ont., but he spends the summer at the house of his grandmother, Brenda Millson, in Newcastle, about 80 kilometers east of Toronto.

The typed one-page letter was “slipped under” Millson’s door over the summer. She said the “gutless” author of the letter may have assumed that she is Max’s mother.

The author claims to be a mother, herself, who lives in the neighborhood, and was upset at the “whaling,” sounds Millson’s grandson makes when he’s in the backyard.

Here is a copy of the letter I must Warn you if you haven’t read this it is just Horrible

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