Show#175 Interview with Lynne Glucoft Our Talks About Our New Family Advice Section

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We Speak with  Lynne Glucoft, Consulting Director of Early Intervention.Who Writes our Mommy Blog and now our new section of the website Family Advice Section.The statics show that 82% of families with an autistic child end in divorce. This is because of the stress having a special needs child puts on the entire family and the relationship between the two parents needs to be incredibly strong. The marriage must handle the reality and acceptance of having a child with a disability, financial difficulties, sleep deprivation, extra time and attention needed to devote to a special needs child. Having a blog, being a published writer and speaking with friends who have children with autism, I would say three quarters of my friends are single moms whose husbands have left them. About one quarter of my friends are still married. Since the majority of children diagnosed w/ autism are boys, it is very difficult on a father because they look forward to forming a bond with their son and doing typical activities with them so for them, so for them it is facing a loss of their dreams right away.

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