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We Talk with Erin Wilson who lives near LA and is the Mom of 2 Children, a typical teenage daughter Grace who will be starting high school next month!!!! And an enthusiastic 11 year old son Jay that has moderate to severe Autism. Jay has been lost a couple times so Erin and her husband Bruce wondered how to protect him and be able to communicate for him. So they created QR Code iD to help Jay and others like him that might wander. 

They are usually unable to communicate their needs, share personal information and what might be done to help calm them. Also, what the rescuer should know in an emergency such as medical conditions. That's where QR Code iD comes in.

We provide a place where the multitude of information about a person with special needs can be kept in one place. This information can be accessed by whoever needs it at the time. A Policeman, jogger or anyone who scans them can find basic information quickly from the individual's public site. A babysitter, therapist, doctor, teacher or any trusted person can find out password protected secure detailed personal information. All of this information can be changed in real time by logging onto the site remotely or from a desktop.

QR Codes can be read quickly by any smartphone. QR reader Apps can be downloaded for free from App stores.

There are people who have Autism, toddlers, cognitive disabilities, other special needs or health issues that keep them from being able to state personal information such as name, phone number, address, medications taken, bedtime, favorite clothes, TV shows, books, foods, toys, apps, hobbies, computer programs, where Mom, Dad, and Grandpa work, issues peculiar to that day, the hotel where the family is staying on vacation, behavioral issues, interventions, and treatments.

Many of these people have different caregivers throughout the day that need to be updated to the current situation; therapists that need to know what therapy to use, and need to notate scores or note progress; babysitters that want to know what time to give the child a bath; teachers that need to know what methods work to help teach. Also, many of these people with disabilities wander off from their family or caregiver with no warning. Rescuers need to know who to call, and how to help.

QR Code iD creates a way to put all of this information in one place. So everyone can be on the same page and the person with disabilities can be cared for in the best, safest and most efficient way possible. Clients can use our databases to whatever level they want, from a password-protected secure page for known caregivers to use, to a non-secure page for rescuers, and caregivers who are not well known.

This information is accessed from any computer browser by commonly used methods of entering a webpage address’s into the browser, either by entering the URL manually with the computer keyboard, or by scanning a QR code, both of which will have the same result, to take you to the client’s non-secure homepage. This non-secure page displays all the information, or as little, that a loved one wants someone to know when finding the wearer. There will be a link on this individual’s homepage which will let the user enter the individual’s secure page. This password-protected secure webpage can also be opened without scanning directly from a computer browser for caregivers to use throughout the day. All of this info (secure and non-secure) can be changed at any time, and as often as a subscriber wants in real time.

For the scanning method of website access we have designed a shirt that can have a QR code printed on it. We’ve commissioned Special Needs Artists to create beautiful artwork to put on our shirts, buttons, key chains and other products that have our QR codes on them. These talented Special Needs Artists will be discovered and contracted to contribute original artwork for our products. We are committed to the special needs community and support it through employment opportunities and donations to nonprofits.

People are also able to purchase a shirt without the QR code to support the Artist. As a service, with a subscription people will also be able to download QR codes to print on their own shirts, bathing suits, pajamas, and other clothing.

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