Show#163 Interview With Mommy Blogger Lynne Glucoft

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On Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio .Tonight's shows Guest will be with our new Mommy Blogger Lynne Glucoft who will be Joining AutismRadio she talks about her family  Her son’s name is Michael – he is going to be 11 years old on April 19th and is on the severe side of the spectrum. I also have a “neurotypical” daughter, Amanda, who just turned 6. I’m a stay-at-home mom. I also consider myself a full-time caretaker of my son; as having a severe son, I’m very involved in every aspect of his education and his progression.

Lynne Glucoft.Her blog on Facebook is called “Autism – Living with Autism Daily” and I do write daily – sometimes even more than once a day about Michael. I am honest writer and I hide nothing from my audience because I started the blog with the idea that I wanted to educate people who knew nothing about autism and the severity of my son and how it impacted my life. Well, not only did I affect those close to me, but I affected people I did not even know (as my articles did as well – I have about 10 that have been published in various “special needs” magazines). I met many people through my blog and I look forward to partnering up with AutismRadio in meeting even more people from all over my world. I tell my readers constantly how much their comments mean to me. If I have touched one’s person’s life, than I have achieved my mission.

My readers have also helped me tremendously. I no longer feel alone and have met many people who have given me suggestions or supported me through tough times because they had been there. That’s what I want to do for others as I continue to educate about the severe end of the Autism Spectrum. I will be doing another presentation in May at my daughter’s daycare center and hope to continue on this path on advising parents, teachers, physicians, and the general public about autism. Looking forward to hearing from you

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