Show#162 Interview with Autism Activists and Comedian Zack Peter & Singer Song Writter Ryan Romero

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On Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio .Tonight's shows Guest will be with Our Good Friend of show Zack Peter and Ryan Romero .

Zack Peter is one of the most driven and accomplished young adults today. As a comedian, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and award-winning philanthropist, he is dominating just about every industry he kicks his foot into. He spends his days traveling the country performing stand-up comedy, organizing and hosting events, and running his own business ventures. He is constantly balancing his professional life and his personal life, tryingto have a social life, all while still attending college. He was born, raised, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.Ryan Romero, is releasing a new single called "Through the Storm" April 23rd and all of the proceeds will be donated to Generation Rescue. The song will also be featured in their new 2013 PSA. Also, I'm organizing Rock Now for Autism, a benefit concert for GR that will be held April 26th in Hollywood. This is also where Ry will be debuting the single.

Ry - Ryan “Ry” Romero is a young singer/songwriter from Southern California. Growing up, Ry was a part of his school’s choir, where he learned he had a passion for performing. From there, he took singing classes and worked hard at pursuing music. He continued to sing throughout his teenage years and picked up his first guitar at the age of seventeen.The self-taught guitar player is of a musically inclined family and began pursuing music professionally after listening to other musicians on YouTube. Along with guitar, Ry also plays the Ukulele and Piano. Every week, as part of his #MusicMonday campaign, he releases a new video on his YouTube channel. Ry now performs nationally at clubs and coffee shops around the U.S. He will launch his summer EP in June. You can also watch Ry on his new show, Just Plain Ridiculous with Zack and Ry airing Wednesdays. (from Hey It's Ry)
Event Info  Rock Now for Autism benefit concert in LA on April 26th

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