Show#152 Interview Martiquel Waingarten Co Founder of Hickies Company !

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On Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio .Tonight's show's Guest will be with Martiquel Waingarten Co Founder Hickies Company she has an Inspiring Story about not giving up on your Dreams and Being able to create a Product that can make people's Lives Easier.Kids are now able to put on there Shoes with Ease and Parents are able to walk in the Store and buy a pair of Sneakers off the rack and use this product so there kids can now have name brand Sneakers like everyone else.


The concept of HICKIES grew from a college student’s idea to a

pioneer product. The idea of HICKIES came about in 2003 while

Gaston stared at his favorite sneakers. He disliked the bow and

knot of traditional shoelaces and realized that he was not alone

there; laces are every parent’s nightmare and every athlete’s

hassle. Gaston felt there had to be a better way to fasten shoes.

The solution was so simple, an elastic lacing system that

connects each pair of eyelets fastening the kicks turning them

into slip-ons. For Gaston, the key to HICKIES was to create a

product that would change the way people wore their sneakers



There are two things Gaston is passionate about: his wife,

Mariquel and HICKIES. When first pitching the idea of HICKIES to

investors, Gaston continually received the same feedback, “You’re

too young, have too radical of an idea, and no business

experience.” This only fueled Gaston’s determination further. He

landed a job as an investment banker with the sole purpose of

getting the right business experience that would allow him to

bring HICKIES to life. Throughout Gaston’s time with JP Morgan he

continued to develop the foundation for HICKIES, he never gave up

his dream! Meanwhile, Mariquel was running a successful boutique

hotel which had grown to be the #1 hotel in Buenos Aires on Trip

Advisor. For 6 years Gaston pursued her, convinced they were

meant to be together

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