Show#188 Interview with National Child Awareness Youth Ambassador of New Jersey Marissa Hacker



On Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio we sit down and talk with Marissa Hacker who  was honored to have been named the National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassador of New Jersey. My campaign is called NJFRIEND (New Jersey Facilitating Resource Improvement Empowering New Development) that connects people with special needs to social programs that integrate with neuro-typical peers. NJFRIEND is a campaign supported by Youth Service America, Festival of Children Foundation, and Fantastic Friends through the Youth Ambassador program. I will be travelling throughout New Jersey to visit many social programs that provide an inclusive, integrated environment. She will then post information on my social media sites to bring awareness to these social programs with the hope of bringing new volunteers to these programs.

 Marissa  has recently returned from a training program in Washington, D.C. where I proposed my campaign to a New Jersey Congressman and his legislative correspondent.

She will also be modeling Fantastic Friends, a special needs social program that I created more than two years ago. I started Fantastic Friends for my twin brother, Matthew, who has diagnoses with autism. Every month, I plan an event for teens with special needs to hangout with their neuro-typical peers. We currently have 30 members and 30 volunteer and growing every day! I am looking to spread two more chapters of Fantastic Friends before my high school graduation in June.

This year she is also planning a statewide prom to promote new friendships among 100 teens with special needs and 100 of their peers. The prom is still in the process of planning, but I will certainly send more information as details evolve

 Below are links to my page and also are pictures of me with the Legislative Correspondent of Congressman Robert Andrews, and also with Steven Culbertson and Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Founders of Youth Service America and Festival of Children Foundation. There are also a few others of me and one front of Capitol Hill.

Disney Prom. Link  Fundraiser Event



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