Show#123 Interview with Shawn Colton Author of Legends of the Boo-Monster

of the Boo-Monster Artwork"Legends of the Boo-Monster";

David, my son who inspired the story; and a little bit about our family.
My wife Pamela teaches CI kids at a junior high school here in Michigan. I'm a stay at home dad who works out of the home, most recently having worked on research, writing and transcribing for phone and iPad applications. Very non-techie stuff but a lot of fun.
David is 9. He was walking at 7 months before his autism manifested itself. He was diagnosed with mid to low functioning autism at 15 months. David is non-verbal.
I was originally going to write a non-fiction e-book about David until I got a commissioned piece of art from Dave "Ragz Dandelion" Hanson depicting our
family as fantasy characters and seeing the boy we affectionately named "the Boo-Monster" as an actual monster made a light bulb go off in my head and I decided to tackle telling David's story a different way.
"Legends of the Boo-Monster" is a fantasy adventure book with periodic "reality checks" that talk about the real David. Other than appearance, the Boo-Monster character and David behave in exactly the same way, and many of the stories in the fantasy portion of the book are based on real life events and experiences. The goal of the book is to raise awareness about people with severe cognitive impairments but to do it in an illustrated fantasy story so as to entertain while the message is being presented.
Here's the link for the Kickstarter page:
We are So Happy To Announce that Shawn Colton Has Reached His Goal in getting the Funding to make his Book.Please Continue to Support Him as the Book will be out by December !
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