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Dr. Neubrander is a world-renowned clinician and lecturer. He is known as the Father of Methyl-B12 and is considered to be a leader in the field of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for the treatment of Autistic Spectrum and related disorders. To date he has treated over 2000 children on the Autistic Spectrum. He has developed numerous protocols based on the Biochemical Individuality noted in this subset of the population, and is continuously reasearching the most innovative treatment possibilities.


From his website -- My journey with autism started in the early 90's when I saw my first child suffering from this disorder. To be quite frank, I didn't have a clue what it was or what to do! In medical school I had been taught that autism was rare and I may never see a child with this problem during my entire career. By the time I saw this child I knew diets and supplements played a role in many disorders, so I advised the parents to begin these treatments -- sadly because I didn't have many other options to offer them at the time. Unexpectedly, the parents came back a few weeks later saying how much better their child was doing! Now that my interest was heightened I called a colleague to see if he had ever seen any children with this diagnosis. Surprisingly he told me that he too was starting to see some of these children, something he also never expected to see. I asked him what else I could do for this child and he told me to investigate whether or not the child had intestinal yeast and bacteria in the intestinal tract and to call Dr. Bernie Rimland at the Autism Research Institute and talk to him. Both of these things I did. As I continued to treat my "rare child with the diagnosis I'd never see again" amazingly two things happened. First, this child lost his diagnosis within a year! Second, he became my first child in a long line of children who would follow him that carried this "rare" diagnosis; a diagnosis we know today is epidemic!

Treatments employed at our clinic include but are not limited to:
• Methylcobalamin (methyl-B12) Therapy Research
• Soft Chamber; Portable, Low Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy including a Rental Program with Free Training
• Hard Chamber; High Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with 100% Medical Grade Oxygen
• Safe Use and Laboratory Monitored Chelation Therapies by IV, Oral, or Suppository Routes of Administration
• Multiple Other IV Treatments and Protocols
• Gastrointestinal Disorders Including Herbal, Dietary, and Medication Treatments for Yeast, Dysbiosis, and Parasites
• Dietary and Supplement Counseling and Treatment
• Anti-viral Protocols
• Low Dose Antigen (LDA) Allergy Desensitization Requiring Only 12 Shots in Three Years
• Diagnosis and Treatment of Environmentally-induced Medical Problems
• Prenatal Consultations and Treatment
• Preventative Medicine as it Relates to Autism and Related Disorders
• QEEG and Neurofeedback

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