Show#142 Interview with CoFounders of the Beautiful Minds Center for Autism Dr Gabrielle Izralson and Dr Margarita Izralson

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On Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio.Tonight's show will be talking with Dr Gabrielle Izralson and Dr Margarita  Izralson Co Founders of the Beautiful Minds Center for Autism is built on a foundation of hope and commitment to helping children and families affected by Autism and other related development disorders. Our staff is comprised of dedicated professionals that are passionate about helping families understand the complexities of the disorders so their children can reach their fullest potential.

Dr Gabrielle Izralson has worked with Beautiful Minds since its doors opened. She has worked as a behaviorist and supervisor throughout the Los Angeles area for eight years. Her work focuses on bringing a family-centered approach to the treatment of Autism by involving the entire family in therapy. Dr Gabrielle Izralson is also a co-facilitator/ director in parent training and support groups.

Dr Margarita Izralson attended USC undergrad graduated with honors in psychology 

attended California school of psychology/Alliant university

Began working with kids on the spectrum in 1995 

Trained with ivar Lovass ucla 

Worked as a supervisor and lead therapist at CIBA and working with autism 

Behavioral specialist for head starts

Woked at children's hospital Los Angeles and children's institute  

2001 started beautiful minds - clinical director



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