Show #68 Interview with Jasper Steed From Autismsmiles


On Monday night at 8pm, be sure to tune  in for our newest episode of Hope Saves the Day on Autism Radio.Tonight's show talks with jasper Steed who is  the founder of autism smiles llc. and we are out there to help children learn provide them with the applications they need to succeed in life weather it is for anger social skills etc i want to be able to make sure families are not in debt because of insurance not paying we are having grants soon we will have 15 different kinds offered to help family's succeed there life also and help there children and also we are here to provide resources for parents to learn more about our autism since i have it i know how allot of children feel even when they are not able to speak i been there also and i am out here to help them get there voice out they may not talk but that does not mean they dont have a voice i hope families all around the world understand i manufacture autism awareness jewelry and sell it to raise money for autism and we have other vendors that supply stuff for us to raise money for autism and to provide things for families and children of all ages computers instruments etc. and maybe open some camps for these children to learn jobs they might be good at and soon find a great job or opened there own business like i did i am out there and i care for all children with autism stop people thinking us children are stupid and people that dont understand be cause we do and institutes do not teach us anything and kicking us out of school that is no help either i been through a rough life and my mom has to me be taken away from my family and put in institutes and not able to see my mom and live with my mom that is not fair i dont mean to cut down VA. the state but that is how social service did me and many more and we do not accept you doing that and we dont except appoligies actions speak louder than words we are smart and we have talents a regular person may not have and picking on us and leaving us out it is now time for the world to change and i think i am and a bunch of children around the world will make sure this world changes thank you for your time feel free to join and check out our features and store with autism awareness jewelry and other products to help your children with autism and things for parents to learn more about autism and info and resources a gluten free mall connected and also other features check it out you will love it about Events last weekend for Hopesavestheday.  Plus a great new Gluten Free, Casein Free Recipe from "The Autism  Spectrum Chef Paul Cimins .,"I want to Wish Everyone a  Great Week. 


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