2/20 - Next Social Media Question

2/20 - AutismRadio would like to ask about "parental guilt".  As parents of autistic children ourselves, we know that we feel a lot of pressure to constantly be "on" our child - especially the severe ones - to help them be able to function in the real world at a later point in time.  As every parent can only hope that his/her child will be able to be independent at some point in time.  As our children get older - there is even more pressure to force them to be independent.  We wanted to discuss this "parental guilt" - do you feel like you're not doing enough?   Or do you able to just ignore the therapists/school/etc. and just do the best you can?   How do you cope?  We wanted to share and discuss these feelings.  Please feel free to answer our question at questions@autismradio.org or call us TOLL FREE at 1-877-HOPE-777 and be part of our show!  (as always names are never mentioned on air -we love to share answers from all ends of the spectrum and the autism community)

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