Question of the week: 1/12

1/12-  New Question of the week: Do you have a service dog in your household? Do you have any dogs or other pets? How does your ASD child respond to animals? Has it improved his/her behavior? Would you recommend getting a pet for an ASD child?  Once again, we'd love our listeners/readers to be part of our show. Please call us 1-877-HOPE-777. You can also write to us at Thanks.

Some other questions that we would like to address in the future:

1) What are some other topics that you'd like to have us discuss on the show?

2) What do you think has been the most helpful in helping you cope w/ the stress level of having a child w/ ASD?   What has been the MOST helpful hints from family, friends, therapists, teachers. Please explain.

3) How do your ASD siblings or NT siblings or immediate family interact w/ your ASD child? 

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